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Transport Week 2018


The largest infrastructure company of Turkey IC Ictas Insaat presented the digital technologies in the construction field (BIM) at Transport Week 2018.

Within the framework of strengthening and developing its activities in the Russian market, IC Istas Insaat took part in the XII International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”, which took place from 17 to 22 November 2018 in Moscow as part of the complex of all-Russian and international events “Transport Week - 2018".

“Transport of Russia” is one of the largest international industry events held annually by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

In 2018, 96 exhibiting companies took part in the Transport Week events, attended by almost 10,000 people: representatives of federal and regional executive authorities, Russian and foreign companies working in the field of transport and related fields, financial institutions, scientific research community.

Special attention of the guests of the exhibition was paid to the information stand of the leader of the road construction market in Turkey "IC Ictas Insaat", which was awarded the diploma of the event organizers for the best visualization. The company demonstrated to the guests of the exhibition and the professional community the innovative technologies applied in the framework of the project "Construction of the Central section of the Western High Speed Diameter".  "IC Ictas Insaat" is the first company in the Russian market to apply information modeling technology BIM (Building information modeling) in the construction of a linear facility – WHSD (Western High Speed Diameter). In particular, the unified information system made it possible to track the location of each of the structural elements in real time. This gave the opportunity to monitor and optimize the processes of delivery and installation, which positively affected the project implementation period.

Elena Stepanova, director of business development at "IC Ictas Insaat" in Russia: “The development of the digital building technologies market is primarily associated with an active transition to solutions in the field of information modeling of objects (BIM). Today, BIM technologies make it possible to create unified digital models that provide management of the life cycle of transport infrastructure facilities. They allow you to simulate and calculate the wear and possible destruction of structures in the process of future operation; to design their reconstruction, repair and demolition; in the virtual mode, to coordinate the components of future structures received from different engineers, to check in advance their functional suitability and performance, etc.

Thus, the technology of “scanning” the construction site with the help of a high-power laser is capable of recording the external characteristics of buildings. The data is then formed into a so-called data point cloud and can be included in the information model of the structure. This allows for timely identification of risks associated with the actual deviation at the construction stage and correcting the model for future operation, creating, in fact, the “digital twin” of the linear object”.

The company also presented unique technologies for launching metal structures. Considering that part of the WHSD structures is located on a curve in the plan and in the profile, the builders used almost all types of launching: launching “uphill”, launching straight with the use of launching girder, as well as launching of the span with a variable radius. During the installation, more than 20 thousand tons of metal were pulled over a distance of more than a kilometer, which is a unique achievement for the world of bridge building industry.

IC Ictas Insaat presented its willingness to continue to use its international experience to fulfill the construction tasks of the Ministry of Transport of Russia at the highest level. For IC Ictas Insaat, it is interesting to participate in the implementation of large infrastructure facilities not only as an EPC contractor, but also as an investment and construction group involved in managing and financing the entire life cycle of projects (among the implemented projects according to the PPP model, the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge with the length of 2164 m and 115 km long North Marmara Highway, as well as Health Campus in Ankara with a 3700 bed capacity and a construction area of 1 million 300 thousand square meters, etc.).

According to the results of the exhibition and the negotiations held, the company's specialists will study the technical and financial aspects of the presented infrastructure projects.