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About us

ICA Construction was founded in 2011 and is a joint venture of two major international companies - the Turkish IC Ictas Insaat A.S. and the Italian Astaldi S.p.A.
These companies are multidiscipline construction holdings that have been implementing large investment projects for more than 90 years in such sectors as transport infrastructure, energy, water supply and renewable energy, civil and industrial construction.
As a partner for cooperation, ICA Construction has the following advantages

— Portfolio of already completed projects valued about $ 6 billion;

— Leading positions in the implementation of infrastructure projects using the public-private partnership mechanism ;

— The availability of international experience at all stages of the implementation of PPP projects: from the pre-design stage to the subsequent toll operation ;

— Provision of necessary bank guarantees, equity of the concessionaire, attraction of loan financing ;

— Design and construction based on EPC contracts;

— Optimal design solutions based on the best world practices;

— Experience in working with large international financial institutions;

— High degree of development of projects, characterized by the lack of uncompleted construction from parent companies for more than 40 years of work;