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Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The Third Bosphorus Bridge

The Third Bosphorus Bridge, the widest suspension bridge, as well as the bridge with the tallest pylons, at a global level, forms part of the North Marmara Highway project. It is the largest bridge in Turkey, connecting Europe and Asia.
Istanbul, Turkey
August 26, 2016
The new bridge is named in honor of the ninth ruler of the Ottoman Empire of the XVI century Sultan Yavuz Selim.
The widest suspension bridge at a global level - 59 meters
  • 8 car lanes
  • 2 railway high-speed lines
  • 2 pedestrian tracks
The structure is a part of the 115-kilometer section of the North Marmara Highway project which is between the districts of Odayeri and Pasakoy.
The project has the twin goal of relieving traffic congestion and of creating a corridor that facilitates commercial traffic.
The bridge is located to the north of the Bosphorus Strait, just before the Black Sea and connecting Poyrazkoy on the Asian side to Garipce on the European side.
The railway system on the bridge will transport passengers from Edirne to Izmit. The railway system will be integrated with the North Marmara highway and will connect the key infrastructure points in the district of Istanbul.
Its total length is 2164 meters; the length of the main span above the surface of the water is 1408 meters. Its width is 59 meters, and the height of the A-shaped pylons is 322 and 318 meters, which makes them the tallest in the world.
Special feature of the bridge is a combined structure: part of the deck is supported by stiffening cables; part by stiffening cables and hanger cables, the middle of the main span suspended only by the hangers.
The following have been used to build the bridge: 241 000 m³ of concrete / 75 000 t of steel structures / 43 000 t of reinforcement / excavation of 897 000 m³ of soil / 32 000 m³ of backfilling .
The concept design of the 3rd bridge has been made jointly by structural engineer Michel Virlogeux (Michel Virlogeux), regarded as the “French bridge master”, and Swiss Company, T-Engineering.
Panorama of the bridge, 2016
The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project is claiming the status of one of the symbols of modern Turkey and bringing Turkey closer to its objective of being one of the biggest 10 economies of the world in 2023.
The total investment value was about $ 3 billion. Seven largest banks of the country took part in financing the project, which provided about $ 2.5 billion. Thus, the project for the construction of the North Marmara highway with the third bridge across the Bosporus has become the largest concession in the territory of the Republic of Turkey. In addition to the direct return of investments, the project will bring an indirect benefit. For example, it is expected that by reducing costs, the new bridge will allow the Turkish economy to save up to 3 billion TL a year.
This is a concession project implemented under the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model. The agreement on the construction and operation of the third bridge across the Bosporus and the North Marmara highway project was concluded in the spring of 2013. The project’s operation, including construction, is going to be executed by IC İçtas – Astaldi Consortium for a period of 10 years 2 months and 20 days, of which 30 months are allocated for construction work. After the specified time, the bridge will be transferred to the Ministry of Transport of the country.
The beginning of construction
May 2013
Installation work
The height of the A-shaped pylons is 322 and 318 meters, the tallest in the world
The floating crane with the last section of the bridge
The bridge`s connection occurred in March 2016
Western High Speed Diameter
Central Section
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