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New terminal complex

In December 2013, an important event took place in the life of St. Petersburg - the new terminal at Pulkovo Airport took on its first passengers. The airport was built in 40 months; this is an unprecedentedly short time in Russia for facilities of such level.
St Petersburg, Russia
ICA company ("Ictas Astaldi") – joint venture of Ictas Insaat (Turkey) and Astaldi (Italy) was assigned with general contractor role for the new terminal complex.
Total area ≈ 580 000 м²
  • 1.2 billion Euro - total investment
  • 13,500 square meters for the retail and catering zone
  • 2860 parking spaces
St. Petersburg
Pulkovo Airport
Pulkovo Airport is located in 23 kilometers from the center of St. Petersburg and it is the third in Russia in terms of traffic volume after Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.
Since March 28, 2014 all flights (domestic, international, all airlines) take place from the new terminal Pulkovo. Old airport terminals (1 and 2) are closed for reconstruction.
November 24, 2010 V.V. Putin put the first pile in the foundation of the new airport complex.
In June 2011, the company ICA began construction of a new passenger terminal at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, ICA had won a tender to become a general contractor for the airport construction that was held by the airport managing company - the Northern Capital Gateway and in December 2013 a new terminal was put into operation.
Terminal under construction, 2012
Terminal under construction, 2012
The project included the construction of the main building (95,475 square meters), which includes a new terminal with check-in desks, boarding gates, transit zone, exit to the car park and connection to the Pulkovo-1 and Northern pier. All the works related to the commissioning of the new facility and the reconstruction of the Pulkovo-1 terminal (34 314 square meters) were also carried out.
St. Petersburg`s Pulkovo Airport is one of the largest transport hubs in the Baltic region. In a year it will be able to take on up to 17 million passengers.
New terminal, 2017.
Source: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway"
In the new terminal of the Pulkovo airport 88 check-in desks, 110 cabins of passport control, 7 luggage delivery lanes have been installed, its area is 2.5 times larger than the area of the existing air terminal facilities.
The building of the terminal is equipped with jet bridges, 45 elevators and 17 escalators. All the premises of the terminal fully meet the requirements of a barrier-free environment and allow comfortable movement for people with disabilities.
More than 13,500 square meters of the new terminal`s area is reserved for the retail and catering zone, where cafes, bars and restaurants of the leading Russian and international brands are located, and more than 1,900 m2 of retail space for the new terminal are allocated for Duty Free shops.
On the terminal square of the new terminal there is a 4-star Park Inn by Radisson hotel for 215 rooms, a business center, a multi-level parking for 560 cars and an outdoor parking complex for more than 2300 seats.
Registration area, 2017.
Source: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway"
Escalators, 2017.
Source: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway"
Parking area, 2017.
Source: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway"
Within the first stage of development and reconstruction of Pulkovo airport, the aprons were reconstructed on the territory of the airport and their area was increased from 250,000 square meters to 450,000 square meters, the building of the service for the electric lighting services of the flights, the ground service base for aircraft, the building of operational services, two emergency rescue stations, the energy center and other objects of the airport infrastructure were constructed.
The airport is equipped according to the latest achievements of technology and it is assigned the highest class "C" according to the classification of the International Air Transport Association and, according to experts, all possible was done here for the convenience and comfort of passengers.
Terminal building from the airfield, 2017.
Source: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway"
The control tower, 2017.
Source: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway"
That will contribute to the growth of the tourist flow to St. Petersburg and will increase the economic potential of the entire North-West region.
LLC "Northern Capital Gateway" with VTB Capital, Fraport AG, Capelouzos Group
On October 30, 2009, the consortium of LLC "Northern Capital Gateway" with VTB Capital, Fraport AG, Capelouzos Group, entered into an agreement with the Government of St. Petersburg and OJSC "Pulkovo Airport" on the constrution, reconstruction and operation of the facilities included in the property airport "Pulkovo" for a period of 30 years. Since 2010, the Pulkovo airport in accordance with the public-private partnerships agreement is managed by LLC "Northern Capital Gateway".
The Pulkovo modernization project was the first example of a public-private partnership in Russia, which is implemented without attracting budgetary funds.
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