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Dates of M-11 highway opening will stay unchanged


A site visit, dedicated to the questions of construction of stages 7 and 8 of M-11 Moscow – Saint-Petersburg highway, was held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 by vice prime-minister Maksim Akimov.  He emphasized that no fatal, unresolvable problems, threatening the M-11 highway commissioning dates were revealed, while answering the questions of journalists.

Works on installation of guard rails and arrangement of approaches to the ring road are currently ongoing at the junction of M-11 with the ring road.

Works on technical fitting out of administrative complex building and auxiliary facilities are ongoing at a nearby toll collection plaza.

Finishing works inside the tunnel under the railroads of Warsaw direction are coming to the final stage.

Technical passage is opened on the bridge over Izhora river.

Traffic of transport on the overpass above M-11 highway at the junction with A-120 automotive road was opened within the first stage of construction.

Construction of artificial constructions is almost finished, the asphalt layer is paved and the technical traffic is opened at the stretch of the highway from A-120 until Velikiy Novgorod. Works on guardrails and installation of lighting poles are accomplished for 50% from the design value.

It is planned that the traffic at the stretch from Saint-Petersburg until Velikiy Novgorod will be opened in autumn this year.