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New vector of development of infrastructure in Russia


Igor Koval, General director of IC Ictas Insaat in Russia and CIS, presented proposals on increase of effectivity of road construction industry at a conference “Priority projects of transport infrastructure development” which took place in Moscow on July, 16th.

The forum was organized by a Committee of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Investment policy, development institutes and export support.   Representatives of relevant federal ministries, establishments and state companies, managers of companies, construction materials producers, cargo shippers.   

Key subjects of the discussion were the aspects of realization of Complex plan on modernization and development of trunk infrastructure for the period until 2024, modernization of cargo shipping industry on rail roads and automotive roads. 

Igor Koval, General director of IC Ictas Insaat in Russia and CIS

During discussion of these questions Igor Koval, CEO of IC Ictas Insaat in Russia and CIS, which is one of the world leaders in realization of major infrastructure projects and intends to increase its presence at Russian infrastructure market, focused attention on the fact that the accepted plan of trunk infrastructure development provides significant stimulus to work for the marketers. However, even despite the fact that there are many projects in the elaboration stage now, the market at the moment is “quite narrow”. Lack of prepared projects, which would allow the Government to estimate the volume of necessary financing on account of state funds, to offer to the banks the figures and cost of financing, and for contractors and investors – to identify their type of participation stays a systematic problem.  At the same time, contractors, who are interested in gaining profit, are naturally interested in receiving exact information on timeframes of project realization.   

Igor Koval:  «From our point of view, today there are effective examples of formation of qualified employers in the field, which provide the full cycle of preparation and maintenance of investment projects. Avtodor Invest can be included in the list of such employers, and Russian Railroads are also making steps in this direction. Such institutes significantly simplify the life of the market players. An essential bit of a help to cut the projects starting times and strengthening of the permanent players at the infrastructure market could be a creation of open database containing the dates, costs and other parameters of the projects, which would allow to make the project management more transparent and provide the maximum effectivity. We believe that the institutionalization of the projects preparation and discussion process will provide for a bigger number of prepared projects”

Among others, at the moment the representatives of construction market point out a need to actualize the methods of calculation and application of aggregates in road construction – in most cases, bills of quantity for road construction are now calculated with the use of outdated formulas. Except for that, road construction companies consider it expedient to assess a possibility to introduce changes into the current rules of formation of treasury financial security of the contract for production of road works.